Jarmila Kralova - Czech Painter & Artist

Aquarelle/Watercolour, Oil, Pastel, Graphics

If you are interested in contemporary Czech painting and art generally, then you are on the right place. Welcome to my English homepage, my on-line gallery of paintings and largely aquarelles. I believe that between more than two hundred offered pictures you will find the one, which will speak to you and which will find a way to your privacy, firm or into your office. An aquarelle may also be a beautiful and impressive present to someone, whom you love. My pictures are here for you, and who knows, maybe you are here for them as well.

From reasons unknown to me I was born with wings
Others tried to break them, tie them up or at least to cut them short
Some fools were trying to hang on my wings making it heavy
Then someone came, turned my wings gold and told me to fly
I paint ever since
I wish to reveal what cannot be told
Please enter my paintings, my kingdom, enter my visions of this world