Jarmila Kralova - Czech Painter & Artist

Who am I

painter Jarmila Kralova - personal photo It has not been so long that my life came into a point in that I simply Am. And draw. And I enjoy it.
The path that led me here, was rather long and winding and that is also why I am so glad that I can share my world here with you and also who I am and what I came through.

I got to painting through a big roundabout. As a young I studied the Technical College of Clothing, which I later disposed as a fashion designer. I enjoyed batik, painting and printing on a textile, jewel making and so on. In my other occupations, that I had been doing during the years I had also often used and trained my feeling for a color and aesthetics. But it was much, much later that I got to making paintings and aquarelles – which has bewitched me immediately and I started to create diligently. I also became a student of an academic painter and graphic artist Vratislav Jan Zizka, who lectured on an idealistic aesthetics on a Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. Along with these definite art influences there are also two more strong inspirational sources:

I have always been attracted by traveling and I didn't miss any opportunity to do so. I have traveled through the whole of Europe; I was in Thailand, India, Egyptian Sinai, Canada and Mexico. Traveling has attracted me as way of finding out about an outer world, but I have always been interested in my inner universe as well and here my transport used to be meditation and the study of philosophy. The unknown worlds had a great impact on me and on my way of perceiving the world and how I paint.

I have contributed into many exhibitions, meetings of artists, I have been selling many pictures and my work is among the private collections in the Czech Republic, Canada, Poland, South Africa, etc. My paintings don't need a lot of words, I just wanted to make sure that you will know, at least a little, who is in front of you.

Yours Jarmila Kralova